Ceili 101

Our ceilis (KAY-lees) are all-ages community dances that feature live Irish music.

Beginners are very welcome (many of us are beginners) and each dance is taught on the spot by an experienced caller. Children are welcome too.

Need a dance partner? Don’t be shy –  just put up your hand at the start of each dance to be matched with partner.  You don’t need to come with a partner.

Consider having your next birthday party at a ceili – it is a fun way to celebrate!

For comfort, wear shoes that can slide (not flip flops though!) and bring your own water bottle to help reduce waste.

Each dance is taught on the spot, so you can learn as you go.  It isn’t a Riverdance performance but a more relaxed style of dancing.

Why not bring a friend? We rely on word of mouth publicity!